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Councillor Greg AndersonGreg Anderson

I am really pleased to have been re-elected as a second-term Councillor in the November, 2014 election!  There is much for our Council to do in the next term and we're fortunate to have re-elected an experienced Mayor and Councillors that bring continuity to enable us to 'hit the ground running'!   

In terms of my background, I grew-up in Calgary where I completed school before moving to Edmonton where I obtained a BSc in Forestry from U of A. After graduating, I spent the first 16 years of my career with the Alberta Forest Service in several postings around the province. During that time I was fortunate to have an opportunity to return to university and completed a Master’s degree in Forestry (Wilderness Management) from Colorado State University.
I moved with my young family to Invermere in 1992 to assume an Operations Manager position with the former Invermere Forest District, BC Forest Service. I held that position from 1992 through 2006 and was ultimately responsible for the East Kootenay region. In 2006, I moved into a newly created position as the Provincial Manager for the Ecosystem Restoration Program also with the BC Forest Service. Following 35 years in government, I retired from the Forest Service in April, 2011. I had a great, varied and rewarding career working with many outstanding staff in East Kootenays and throughout the province over the years that I am deeply thankful for!

In addition to pursuing my career in the Forest Service, I served as a School Trustee with the Rocky Mountain School District for four terms (1999 - 2011) where I also acted as Board Chair for several years. I stepped down from the School Board during the Municipal elections in 2011 when I was elected to my first Council term in order to focus on my DOI Council responsibilities. My involvement as a School Trustee with our education system, students and excellent staff was a tremendous life experience!

My two children were raised in Invermere and, as a result, I have always been active in giving back as a volunteer in many community activities. I am a past-president of the Columbia Valley Old-Timers Hockey Association, past-president of the Windermere Valley Minor Baseball Association, coached minor baseball for ten years and the DTSS High School Baseball team for many years through 2010, and as the School District rep I served as co-chair for the Mt. Nelson Athletic Park development committee. Since my retirement I have continued to represent the community as volunteer on Columbia Basin Trust 'Environmental Advisory Committee' and on the 'Technical Review Committee' for the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund.

I'm excited about joining DOI Council for my second term! We have a wonderful community that I am absolutely committed to, that my wife Gloria (who I married in September, 2014) has also come to appreciate and love. That said, there are many issues in the upcoming term requiring Council's thoughtful, fair and balanced consideration including: planning and construction of the new multi-use Valley-wide Community Centre; planning and securing funding to begin replacing our aging town infrastructure; ensuring a consistent and safe water supply; continuing to encourage and support economic diversification and development in town and in the valley; developing a strategic approach to retain and attract new full-time residents; continuing to build on partnerships with surrounding jurisdictions; maintaining our fire protection system; and encouraging a locally-based and owned economy.

The above said, in the process, without a doubt our Council has to continue being mindful of maintaining and/or enhancing our unsurpassed quality of life, which is the reason why many residents live in Invermere!

Councillor Paul DenchukPaul Denchuk

I was born September 15,1973 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My family lived in a small town on the outskirts of Winnipeg called Birds Hill. Shortly after graduating high school a close friend of mine had a great idea of working at a ski hill in British Columbia. We both were eventually hired by Panorama, and the rest is history.

I have been a resident of the valley since 1992 when I left Winnipeg and moved to Panorama to take a job as a snowmaker. Since then, I have put down firm roots in Invermere. I am proud to be raising my Daughter, Virginia in Invermere, with my Wife, Meredith Hamstead. My career in the valley has taken me from snowmaker to a self-employed Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter and Civil Engineering technologist. I have had the honour of volunteering my time with a number of organizations in the community, such as the Columbia River Greenways Alliance, the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society, and the Little Badger's Early Learning Centre. I am an avid skier and hiker and I have a deep respect for this community, its people, and its environment.

My desire to represent the residents of Invermere on Council comes from a sense that the Valley may be the best place on earth. But Invermere faces significant challenges as our community matures. I am committed to ensuring that the inherent quality of our community is protected, one decision at a time, as we wrestle with the economic and social pressures and opportunities that come from being a desirable place to live.

Invermere has so many strengths that support our natural prosperity: we have incredible people, a beautiful and healthy environment, and solid economic opportunity. But it seems to me that in order to maintain our prosperity into the future, we must regain our focus today. As a member of a strong Council I will ensure that we implement the plans that we make; that we re-build a clear vision of where we are trying to get to; and that we work to regain the trust of Invermere's residents by honouring the commitments we make to you. As a member of your elected Council, I will work to help our community re-establish an inspired focus by revisiting the Official Community Plan so that it can guide us into a genuinely prosperous future.

I am committed to:
• transparency in government: the same rules should apply to everyone;
• effective government: if a plan gets adopted, it should get implemented;
• developing and pursuing creative strategies to achieve a prosperous future for every person in this community;
• protecting the natural values that make Invermere the best place on earth; and
• to building a culture of strong elected leadership supported by strong staff.

I have a lot of ideas about how Invermere can become more prosperous while keeping our world class environment in good health. But I also want to hear from you. I hope you'll get in touch with me at 250.342.5223 or pdenchuk@gmail.com.

Councillor Spring HawesJustin Atterbury

Justin Atterbury moved to our Valley in 2004. It is rumoured he spent the first few years as an undercover operative working closely with CSIS thwarting Al Quaida attempts to infiltrate the Valley Fast Food Franchisees. Now married with children  and living a much more sedated lifestyle he is currently serving in his second term in local Government. Well known to all who regularly attend Council meetings as a staunch ally to the Mayor, some call him the Hamburger to His Worship's Helper. Justin Atterbury rigorously defends council positions to all naysayers. His lightning quick wit  he attributes to his multiple chins and using that extra jowl space to store the much needed words to fend off any verbal assault on Council. Mainly those coming from the sinister Buzz Harmsworth. Not Afraid to wears tights, Justin Atterbury is known to patrol the streets of Invermere as the masked avenger " The Smiling Idiot" in search of foes looking to disrupt our small towns tranquility. The DOI is happy to say that Invermere has never experienced a terrorist attack in the period of time Justin Atterbury has been on Council, and it is rumoured that the general public is currently looking for funds to create a bronze bust of his charming smile.

Councillor Spring HawesAl Miller

Al has been living in Invermere since 1988. He and his wife Lucy have three children, and own the Invermere Home Hardware Building Centre.  Al has been very active in the business community serving on several boards and committees. Served as Chairmen of the IBC, president of the Columbia Valley Chamber of commerce three terms, and recently retired as President of the Columbia Valley Rockies Hockey Club. With a passion for community service, Al was elected to a prior term of council six years ago, and now elected into a second term in 2014. Al believes in a strong social, economic, and environmental balance. His goal is to help guide Invermere into the future with strong economics, good social programs, keeping the environment top of mind. Commitment to community.


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