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Contact - District of Invermere

District of Invermere
Phone: 250-342-9281

Municipal Office Hours:
8:30am to 4:30pm - Monday to Friday
(excluding Holidays)

After Hours Emergency

Public Works On-call

Mailing Address
PO Box 339
Invermere BC V0A 1K0
District Office
914 8th Avenue
Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Phone: 250-342-9281
Fax: 250-342-2934
Email: info@invermere.net

Mayor & Council
Al Miller Mayor 250-342-5120 (cell) mayor@invermere.net
Greg Anderson Councillor 250-342-9281 (Municipal Office) councillorAnderson@invermere.net
Kayja Becker Councillor 250-342-9281 (Municipal Office) councillorBecker@invermere.net
Ute Juras Councillor 250-342-9281 (Municipal Office) councillorJuras@invermere.net
Gerry Taft Councillor 250-342-9281 (Municipal Office) councillorTaft@invermere.net

District Office
Christopher Prosser Chief Administrative Officer 250-342-9281 ext. 1225 cao@invermere.net
Kindry Luyendyk Corporate Officer 250-342-9281 ext. 1228 corporateservices@invermere.net
Karen Cote Director of Finance 250-342-9281 ext. 1224 finance@invermere.net
Helen Kohorst Accounts Payable 250-342-9281 ext. 1222 hkohorst@invermere.net
Laura Lawrick Utilities/Receivables/Receptionist 250-342-9281 ext. 1223 llawrick@invermere.net
Nancy Smith Payroll/Receptionist 250-342-9281 ext. 1221 nsmith@invermere.net
Samantha Kelly Receptionist 250-342-9281 ext. 1236 skelly@invermere.net
Cortney Pitts Events Coordinator 250-342-9281 ext. 1232 events@invermere.net
-- Environmental Special Projects Coordinator (250) 342-9281 ext. 1230 environment@invermere.net

Building & Protective Services
Kim Leibel Manager of Building & Protective Services 250-342-9281 ext. 1226 inspections@invermere.net
  Bylaw Enforcement 250-342-9281  
Mark Topliff Dog Control 250-342-1707  
  Bylaw Enforcement 250-342-1707  

Development Services
Rory Hromadnik

Director of Development Services 250-342-9281 ext. 1235 planning@invermere.net

Fire Department
EMERGENCIES - call 911

Invermere Fire/Rescue - 626 4th Street, Invermere, BC - www.invermerefire.com

Jason Roe Fire Chief 250-342-3200 (non-emergency) jroe@invermere.net,fire@invermere.net

Invermere Public Library
Columbia Valley Community Facility, 646 – 4th Street, Invermere, BC. invermere.bclibrary.ca
Nicole Pawlak Library Director 250-342-6416  publiclibrary@invermere.net
Jenna Milne WildSafe BC Coordinator 250-342-9281 ext 1230 invermere@wildsafebc.com

Other Local Government
Regional District of East Kootenay - Columbia Valley Subregion
4956 Athalmer Road, PO Box 2319, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0
Phone: 250-342-0063 
Fax: 250-342-0064


Regional District of East Kootenay - Columbia Valley Landfill
1875 Windermere Loop Road, Windermere, BC
Phone: 250-342-0381 www.rdek.bc.ca

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