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Doing Business

Business Licences

Rory Hromadnik
Director of Development Services
250-342-9281 ext. 1235

The Development Services Division also oversees the business licensing. Here you will find Forms and Regulations regarding operating a business in Invermere and access to some of the frequently asked questions about starting and operating a business.


What is the process for getting a Business License?
Complete an application form, (Home Based Businesses and Child Care Businesses must submit a signed copy of the appropriate Application Form) and bring to:

District of Invermere 914 8th Avenue, Invermere, BC
License staff will review your application to make sure it is complete, and forward it to the appropriate agencies for approvals.

The approvals required will depend on the type of business activity.

Once all approvals are received and fees are collected, the Development Services Division issues a Business License that can be picked up or mailed to you.

Why does the District of Invermere license businesses?

The primary purpose of business licenses is to ensure that the District's municipal land use regulations, building and fire codes and other community safety requirements are followed by businesses. The business license program also collects important statistical information about local business activities in order to understand trends that impact municipal policy decisions.

Revenue collected from business licenses is used to pay for administration and enforcement of business licenses, to fund the marketing and economic development initiative and to fund the Districts annual operating grant to Tourism Invermere.

Do I need a District of Invermere Business License?

If you carry out business within the District of Invermere, you are required to have a valid District of Invermere business license.

How do I obtain a Business License?

Business license application forms are available from the District's Business Municipal Office or download online.

How long does it take to get a Business License?

The time required to process a license application depends on the approvals that are needed. Typically, a license is issued within 7 to 10 working days, but may take longer. Staff can tell you the status of your application.

What are the fees for a Business License?
Please refer to the Business License Amendment Bylaw No. 1202 for the fees schedule.

How long is a Business License valid?
Business licenses are issued for one year effective May 1 to April 30.

How do I renew my Business License?
If you have a business license, you will automatically be sent a renewal notice in the mail in early March. License renewals can be paid by mail or in person at municipal hall. License fees are due by April 30.

Can I operate a business from my home?
Yes, certain types of businesses may operate from home, with some restrictions. The District's Zoning Bylaw restricts the type of business activities that are allowed to operate in a residential neighbourhood (to minimize disturbances to surrounding properties), limits the size of the area used for business purposes, and regulates parking and storage impacts. Retail stores are specifically excluded as a home based business.

If I stop operating my business, do I have to notify anyone?
Yes. You must contact the Business License Division in writing to inform them that you are no longer operating; otherwise, you may continue to receive renewal notices, and may be liable for fees.

What do I need to bring with me when I apply for a license?
Bring your business license fee, your application form, along with any relevant certificates or licenses required by the provincial or federal governments to operate the business.

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